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Student Association
shenkar college

While working as a designer and photographer at shenkars student associations I created content for social media networks, posters, informational brochures and roll-up banners. 

I worked closely with the associations brand book and design guides and principals, though i was still encouraged to think outside of the box and create unique and 'one of a kind' designs.

Additionally, I worked as a photographer at events organized by the college. Afterward, I edited the photos and transferred them to the relevant parties within the college for use in various media.

instagram posts and stories

flyers and posters


shenkar’s entrepreneurship student club

'INTRO CLUB' is an entrepreneurship student-run organization, Operating under Shenkar’s Student Union.

Through my work in Shenkar’s Student association i was given the opportunity to rebrand and create a new logo and brand book for the organization.

After creating the brand book for 'INTRO CLUB', i designed content for social media, posters, informational brochures, client presentations and roll-up banners for them. 

logo design

logo varients

varients logo inttro.png

flyers and rollups

wanted posters/posts

slideshow for clients

wanted posters

instagram posts and stories

brand book presentation

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