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SHahar saul - "nothing in it"

the project

"Nothing In It" - the music video from Shahar Saul's new 2024 album is a super special project that combines the talents of 35 different artists and designers!

Concept & Directing: Roman Buchatsky
Project by: Way Studios
Supervisor: Yuval Goor

The feelings of nostalgia and childhood memories are some of my favorite subjects to incorporate into my work.

as soon as I received Shahar's video I knew that these were the motifs that I wanted to use in this project, and to try and add a humorous twist to them.

When I saw Shahar's head in the middle of the screen in the raw 5 second video, it immediately reminded me of a ball, specifically it remided me of one of the first video games invented, "PONG".

In order to intensify the feeling of nostalgia and "magic", I placed the television and the remote controls in a space (literally and figuratively) made of pixels, which also echoes the aesthetics of the retro video games of the 70s-80s, and adds color and life to the black and white video game.

the process

original video

inspiration board

לוח השראה - שחר סאול.png


צילום מסך 2024-01-30 ב-16.55.29.png


Concept & Directing: Roman Buchatsky / Project by: Way Studios / Supervisor: Yuval Goor

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