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Welcome to “The Real world”! The amusement park to help you go through your own emerging adulthood!


The design elements in this project take us emerging adults in the making, and even those who have already gone through this journey on a personal nostalgic journey through the park, as it is based on our pleasant memories from childhood, but also presents us with a distorted view of these memories. This project takes inspiration from known and iconic elements of amusement park design from around the world, but bends, stretches and twists them in order to make them fit the emotional journey we go through at the ages of 19-30.

The project includes 6 signs and and a map to the park.

The signs are made from MDF and are all hand painted, including the lettering, by me.

A huge thanks to my amazing teachers michal pauzner & yoav gati for guiding me through this project.

the map

behind the scenes

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